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r a d i o q u a l i a is an artist collective formed by New Zealanders, Adam Hyde and Honor Harger in 1998, which creates radio and sound art. Their principle interest is how broadcasting technologies can be used to create new artistic forms, and how sound art can be used to illuminate abstract ideas.
Design Smoke, by Spunk Design Machine
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Design Smoke is an online show searching out innovators in the worlds of Design, Culture and Invention. We interview everyone from authors, fire starters, designers, photographers, window dressers and explore a broad cross-section of engaging individuals through relaxed conversations.
read between the leading, by Aaron Heth and Matt McInerney
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Aaron Heth and Matt McInerney are two extremely passionate design students at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Because we enjoy design, and talking about design so much, we thought we’d give the audio world a try. There is no schedule right now of how often we do shows, although you should be able to expect one or two a month.
Operatie creatieve stad, de Avonden, VPRO
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Van I LOVE NY naar venLOVErrast. In de vorige eeuw was kunst verzet. Echter, in de afgelopen tien jaar is kunst ook economisch beleid geworden. Bij de opwaardering van oude wijken, bij sloopdecoratie en city-branding worden kunstenaars betrokken. In het kielzog van projectontwikkelaars en marketingmanagers trekt een stoet van ‘geëngageerde’ kunstenaars mee, die meewerken aan dergelijke projecten.   In hun documentaire 'Operatie creatieve stad' vragen Kirsten Algera en Felix Jansen zich af wat de verborgen ambities van deze kunstprojecten zijn en gaan ze op zoek naar de 'bindende' kracht van kunst.
Radio Gallery, curated by Anna Colin (english)
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Radio Gallery is a series of 12 commissioned radio programmes that treat one hour of radio as exhibition space. The contributors are artists and curators most of whom have not worked with radio before and whose practices do not necessarily have a relationship to sound.
Oldest computer music unveiled, by BBC
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A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a truncated version of In the Mood are thought to be the oldest known recordings of computer generated music.
Kunststof, by VPRO (dutch)
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direct link for: Gert Dumbar
direct link for: Anthon Beeke
direct link for: Martijn Engelbregt
direct link for: Jurgen Bey
Print Radio, by Hans-Georg Wenke (german)
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PrintRadio is a podcast with interviews & features about print, publishing and advertisement. Check the whole archive here
TypoTon, by Nicole Fally (german)
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Typoton is an open stage to present ideas that focus on type. Using radio as a medium is an exciting challenge - an acoustic medium used for a visual subject: to find words for shapes. The broadcasts are categorised by themes such as musik (music),spiel (game),vertont (visualising sound) and the lexikon (encyclopaedia) which defines not commonly used terms.
SVA Podcast serie (english)
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The School of Visual Arts, MFA program is dedicated to Designer As Author. The Podcast Series has been created to support the program. You can find podcasts by Steven Heller, Milton Glaser, Paola Antonelli, and others, including MFA Design thesis presentations.
Graphic design on the radio (english)
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Six one-hour shows featuring leading graphic designers talking about their work and playing music that has influenced or inspired them. Designer and writer Adrian Shaughnessy interviews some of the most important graphic designers at work today. With each designer he discusses their work, looks into the key issues that are shaping current design practice everything from ethics to branding and plays some music.
Design matters (english)
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Design Matters with Debbie Millman is an opinionated and provocative internet talk radio show. The show combines a stimulating point of view about graphic design, branding and cultural anthropology. In a business world dependent on change, design is one of the few differentiators left.
Radiodays (english)
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Radiodays is a temporary radio station. Realizing a listening exhibition rethinks ways of art presentation. By using an auditive format, artistic works are presented within a space in succession of each other rather than simultaneously: they appear, disappear and reoccur. The choice of using radio at the same time attempts to give a voice to an actual concern towards the auditorial found in many works by visual artists.