RK Joshi 1/5

8:31 min, 2007-05-08

Professor R. K. Joshi is designer, artist, calligrapher and poet. Multi-lingual communication, art history and reviving of India’s calligraphic tradition are close to his heart. Currently he is working as a Visiting Design Specialist at National Centre for Software Technology (NCST) in the area of language technology and type design. Typeradio talked with R. K. Joshi at ATypI in Lisbon, September 2006. He talks about his long affair with calligraphic books, how he got in to an Indian advertising agency and how he got inspired by Italian writing masters like Arrighi. In the early days of his career he went to a printing press to learn practical problems in Indian typography. He was also keen on to bring western influences to Indian scripts.

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