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Georg Salden 2/3

21:49 min, 2007-12-05
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Georg Salden (77) and the digital revolution (the GST foundry was founded in 1971). In this episode you will get a unique glimpse in the working method of Georg Salden, featuring the legendary MicroVAX computers.
Gerog Salden about MicroVAX: ...they were used by URW in Hamburg to run their Ikarus programms. They later fitted these programms for Mac and PC, but the old ones were the better ones, as is often in life. Nowadays it is difficult to get a Vax and the compatible equipment, of course, and I pray each day that it can be logged in further on…

MicroVAX on Wikipedia

Georg Salden 3/3

16:22 min, 2007-12-05
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Did you know:
– anything about the professional sport career of Mr Salden
– the trick of Mr Salden to make a typeface manually thicker
– why you should (need) to design one typeface a month
– how many hours it takes Mr Salden to design a typeface
– the favorite typeface of Mr. Salden

And of course there is the final (difficult) question: How does he wants to be remembered?

Type Manufactur - fonts by Georg Salden

Georg Salden 1/3

25:33 min, 2007-12-05
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Georg Salden is designing type for over 40 years. He became known for his fonts Polo GST, Brasil GST and Basta GST. In this first episode Mr Salden talks about the difference between a typeface designer and typographer and how he got involved in what he is doing. We hear the full truth about the relation between Georg Salden and his uncle Helmut Salden, who was a famous typographer in Holland. And did you ever hear the story of the mystery enemy of Helmut Salden? Listen and find out. Or not.

Type Manufactur - fonts by Georg Salden
Film on Helmut Salden
Folkwang art academy
Helmut Salden, uncle of Georg Salden
radio interview with Helmut Salden (32 minutes)