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Anthon Beeke 3/3

43:30 min, 2006-08-03
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Anthon Beeke is most known for his poster designs. Designing a poster is for him making an image. Making an image is making a statement. A poster can show the power and emptiness of images. And sometimes there are posters which are no posters.

For Anthon Beeke typography is mostly organization. His fascination lies in the energy some people put into making type, and to explore the fantasy in type.

And finally you got to know all details about the naked alphabet. Why, where, how, who. And yes there is also a personal friend of the queen Beatrix involved, showing her tits in public.

This episode also contains the weirdest question ever asked on typeradio.

Listen now to find out more.

some posters of Anthon Beeke
Max Kisman
overview of quadrat prints
the original naked alphabet
the erotics of type by Max Bruinsma

Anthon Beeke 2/3

27:11 min, 2006-08-03
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Anthon Beeke in his 20’s. How you can become a graphic designer with one blind eye and two left hands. Thinking is more important than working. The secret of success lies in the eagerness to know more. You have to have the right clients to have a chance to provoke. In the seventies and eighties sex & erotic was perfect to get the attention. But what about now and here. What subjects are provocative today? Anthon will tell us in this episode.

Design Academy Eindhoven
short bio of Jan van Toorn

Anthon Beeke 1/3

32:43 min, 2006-08-03
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Times have changed. Now there is money. You do not have to work anymore as a butcher to survive. In this first episode Anthon tells us how it feels to sit stinking in art class and taking a shower once a week. Growing up in a time, when people did not know what graphic design is, where you were not allowed to do what you wanted to do.
And then his father finds out through the local newspapers that his son’s painting are already hanging in the Stedelijk museum. Time to leave the house, and find out yourself what this world is about.

eye magazine on Anthon Beeke